Consultants & Remote Work
Consultants & Remote Work


One unexpected outcome of the last year is that the age-old question regarding on-site consulting vs. remote consulting has been answered once and for all. In 2020, nearly every business that could offer services and products over the internet, moved to remote work. In nearly every single case the outcome surpassed expectations. In fact, research shows that productivity was mostly either the same or higher with remote work than it was before.

This situation was, until recent events proved otherwise, considered to be in the realm of science fiction. The latest advancements in infrastructure, telecommunication capabilities and remote collaboration software have enabled us to recreate workplace conditions almost anywhere. Whether you’re working from a local cafe or from the comfort of your home office, the reality is that it’s not too difficult to replicate the conditions you’d have if you went into the office. 

Live video chat and video conferencing software are the linchpin of the remote work revolution. Using live video chat, teams can easily collaborate on projects, sales can meet clients, HR can hire new employees and, in general, operations can continue unabated.

This new reality is also causing us to rethink the way we work with consultants. If once we thought that the only way to work with highly specialized external consultants was via on-site face-to-face meetings, 2020 has shown us that remote collaboration is just as good, if not better. 

There are all sorts of consultants who can benefit from using video chat to provide remote services to their clients. Using video chat, consultants like psychologists can offer extended availability to their clients. In this way, clients undergoing anxiety attacks or suffering from severe mental psychosis can instantly reach out to their psychologist in real-time to receive guidance and if needed, prescriptions. 

Medical practitioners like doctors can begin offering telemedicine services to clients around the world. Using live video chat, doctors can actually see their patients’ symptoms with their own eyes, and prescribe treatments. All without having to meet face-to-face. 

Legal consultants are also especially suited to benefit from offering their services remotely. They can meet with their clients, wherever they are in the world, to listen and provide legal advice. If their clients are incarcerated, lawyers can speak with them without actually having to commute to the holding facility. 

Provide Better Service with Video Conference

Video chat helps consultants provide better service to their clients. Whether the meeting is scheduled, or spontaneous, in just one click virtual meetings can get started. Prospecting is much easier to do over video chat as opposed to phone calls or emails. Consultants can get a real feeling for their potential client over video chat, to ensure that the fit is right.

Live video chat enables consultants to reduce costs and save time. There’s no need to pay for an expensive office and waste time commuting to it. What’s more, consultants can offer their services to far more customers, as geographic restrictions don’t apply to remote work. Consultants can work with anyone who has a stable internet connection and the means to pay them, even if they’re hundreds or even thousands of miles away. 

Consolto’s Video Chat Solution for Consultants

Consloto was originally created to help consultants start offering their services remotely. With Consolto, you can transform your website into a virtual office that enables you to conduct your business online. Consultants of all sizes can leverage Consolto’s advanced features to gain new benefits that help them provide an enhanced experience to their clients. 

Clients can visit your website from anywhere and at any time. To ensure that you make the most out of every opportunity, you have to provide maximum availability. The only problem is that you can’t guarantee that you’ll always be manning your web. Sometimes you can’t answer new leads because you’re working, at other times the opportunity comes your way after your working hours are over. 

Consolto’s live video chat platform includes advanced scheduling capabilities. Set up scheduling on your website so that visitors who try to interact with you when you're not available have the option to schedule a meeting at a more convenient time. Configure your calendar to only show open slots during your working hours.

Nowadays, there’s no reason that consultants can’t offer their services remotely. It enables you to save time, reduce costs, expand your reach and offer premium services. Consolto’s platform was built from the ground up to give consultants everything needed to provide services directly from their websites. 

Our all-in-one video-chat centered solution provides a centralized location for handling all aspects of remote service provision. The solution is easy-to-install -- just one line of code -- to instantly transform customer websites into a virtual office that enables anyone to manage conduct, manange and organize their online sessions. 

Advanced scheduling capabilities enable simple-to-operate scheduling on websites so that visitors have the option to schedule a meeting at their convenience. Configure your calendar to only show open slots during your working hours.

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