October 20, 2023

The 40 Best Black Friday SaaS Deals For 2023 You Don’t Want to Miss!

🚀 Black Friday is not just a shopping spree, it's a season of smart investments! Especially when it comes to SaaS products that can transform the way you conduct your business. Did you know that consumer spending soared by 12% in-store during Black Friday 2022, while a whopping $11.3 billion was spent online on Cyber Monday in the same year​? (See here).

The allure of Black Friday isn't just confined to physical products; it extends to digital realms where savvy businesses and individuals seize the chance to subscribe to valuable SaaS offerings at a fraction of the cost.

At Consolto.com, we believe in equipping you with the right tools at the right price. As Black Friday 2023 unravels, we've curated a list of enticing SaaS deals that you wouldn't want to miss. Dive in, explore, and make judicious choices that will propel your business to new heights! And remember, these deals are for a limited time.

Make the smart move, seize the deals, and gear up for a triumphant business year ahead!

What Are the Best SaaS Black Friday 2023 Deals?

The BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) season is the perfect time for SaaS brands to get more new subscribers or renew old subscriptions. Thus, every brand comes with innovative and unique deals to impress customers. 

But, every deal is not worth your money. Some are just marketing ploys. 

So, here are a few tips to consider while choosing the best SaaS Black Friday 2023 deals: 

  • It benefits you in the long run. The best discount deal is one that can help for a long time. For example, Consolto Black Friday deal offers straight 90% off on all plans for three months. 
  • Straightforward deal. Many companies complicate discount deals to make them more appealing. In reality, they are more beneficial to the company than to consumers. So, ensure to read deal terms to find underlying meanings. 
  • You need the service. Don’t subscribe to a new service only because it's on discount. Make sure that you need that solution to grow your business.

Are you ready? The deals are only for a limited time period so hurry up and grab your favourite deal right now! 

We hope you are as excited as we are!

Consolto – If you run remote meetings with customers, you need a tailored solution that includes Video conferencing, appointment scheduling, live chat and a CRM in a cohesive and smooth package. That's Consolto. Specifically designed for customer interactions, it can replace Zoom+Calendly+Intercom in one tool.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all yearly plans (discount applies to the first year) or 90% off first three months.

Availability: Nov 15th – November 28th 2023

Coupon Code: BFCM2023M (monthly), BFCM2023YEAR (yearly)

Link: https://www.consolto.com/

Pixpa is an all-in-one, no-code website builder for creatives and small businesses to create beautiful, professional websites with an in-built online store, a dynamic blog, client galleries, ecommerce galleries, a photo gallery app, and marketing tools. Pixpa’s versatile platform has everything you need to showcase your work, share ideas, and sell your work online without any coding knowledge.

Black Friday Deal: 50% discount on annual plans and a 60% discount on biannual plans
Validity: Nov 24th - Dec 31st 2023
Coupon Code: BLFPIXPA50
Link: http://studio.pixpa.com/signup/?fpr=bfdeal

Warmy is a tool designed to raise email reputation and avoid the spam folder. It offers full automation for warming up mailboxes, provides clear progress monitoring, and ensures perfect email activity.

Black Friday Deal: Auto all-in-one tool for email deliverability to make your Email Channel Reliable.
Validity: Nov 10, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023
Link: https://warmy.io/

NapoleonCat NapoleonCat is a powerful suite designed to engage and support customers on social media, schedule posts, analyze results, connect your teams, and untangle your workflows.

Black Friday Deal: Get 30% off the annual subscription
Validity: Nov 24 - Nov 27, 2023
Link: https://napoleoncat.com

SocialBee is a social media management tool that combines content creation, scheduling, and posting across platforms. Its AI features generate captions and images, while Copilot crafts personalized strategies. Team collaboration, analytics, and a unified inbox are included.

Black Friday Deal: Get 70% off any SocialBee tool plan for 3 months by using the SOCIALBEEBF23 discount code at checkout.

Validity: 24-27 November 2023

Deal Link - https://socialbee.io/

BoldDesk is a robust customer service software that offers outstanding customer support and self-service options. Its user-friendly interface, automation tools, and thorough reporting make it the best solution for streamlining customer service operations.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all yearly plans

Validity: November 1 – December 5, 2023

Deal Link -https://www.bolddesk.com/

Linguise is an automatic AI translation service that offers instant translations in over 85 languages. It integrates seamlessly with popular CMS platforms on the market, including both self-hosted PHP systems like WordPress and various cloud-hosted platforms. Translating a website has never been this easy!

Black Friday Deal: 30% of all plans using the coupon code: BLACKLINGUISE

Validity: Nov 21 - Nov 27, 2023

Deal Link - https://linguise.com

Woorise is a powerful lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, viral giveaways & contests, accept payments and more to help you grow your business from a single platform.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all plans using the coupon BLACKFRIDAY during checkout

Validity: from 20/11/2023 to 30/11/2023

Deal Link - https://woorise.com/

Plerdy is an all-in-one website analysis tool designed for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & SEO. It allows businesses to track, analyze, and convert visitors into buyers with AI assistance. Features include UX analytics, e-commerce insights, AI-powered reports, and heatmap capabilities.

Black Friday Deal: Get 50% OFF on annual plans

Validity: Validity Nov 24 – Dec 1, 2023

Deal Link - https://www.plerdy.com/

Jotfrom is an online form builder with built-in customization and automation features to help you collect data and automate your workflow. Use one of their many templates to get started on creating your forms and customize them to fit your branding.

Black Friday Deal: Get 50% OFF on annual plans

Validity: Validity Nov 24 – Dec 1, 2023

Deal Link - https://www.jotform.com/

SmartReach.io is a powerful sales engagement platform that helps businesses connect with prospects across multiple channels (email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, and calls) and nurture them through the sales funnel.

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off on All Annual Plans for the First Year

Validity: Till 3rd December 2023

Deal Link - https://smartreach.io/black-friday-deals/

Coupon: SMARTREACH20BF2023

Mailmodo is a complete email marketing software that helps marketers create app-like experiences in email without coding.

Mailmodo helps businesses build and scale their email automation engine with an intuitive visual builder that has drag and drop workflows to automate time-based drip series. They make checking responsiveness for different devices easy and have an in-built open rate suggestions feature to fix errors in an email before sending it.

Best of all, with Mailmodo’s AMP technology, you can add calendars, forms, surveys, live ratings, reviews, polls, and widgets to gamify emails like spin the wheel, quizzes etc. inside the email to reduce redirections and boost engagement.

Black Friday Deal: 20% off on annual subscription plans
Validity: 25th-30th November 2023 GMT
Deal link: Mailmodo Offer

Newoldstamp is the leading email signature management platform that empowers to effortlessly design and implement brand-consistent signatures across the entire organization.

With Newoldstamp, your emails become a dynamic marketing asset. You can direct traffic to your website, generate leads, upsell products, and announce both online and offline events by adding clickable links, eye-catching banners with clear calls to action, and interactive buttons to your email signature.

Black Friday Deal: 25% off on any plan (recurring discount for all next payments)
Validity: 20 November 2023 – 30 November 2023
Deal link: Newoldstamp Offer

Coupon: BF2023NOS

Sender is a marketing automation platform that enables you to build email and SMS workflows to engage customers and skyrocket sales. The platform offers advanced segmentation to group customers based on their interests, a drag-and-drop email builder and responsive templates to create newsletters in minutes, and detailed analytics to track your campaigns.

Black Friday Deal: 20% off for all plans with promo code PARTNER20
Validity: From Now to November 27th
Deal link: Sender Offer
Coupon: PARTNER20

Churn360 is the key to reducing customer churn and boosting Customer Lifetime Value for SMBs and Enterprise SaaS businesses. With unified data, predictive analytics, and automated plays, your customer success operations will thrive. Elevate your customer retention game with Churn360 now.

Black Friday Deal: Get up to 40% off on annual plans
Validity: November 6th, 2023 – December 15th, 2023
Deal link: Churn360 Offer

MySignature is all-in-one email signature and email tracking platform. It allows you to easily create professional email signatures and make your business emails stand out from the crowd.

With MySignature you can build brand recognition by turning yourself and your team into brand ambassadors. Embedding a unique email signature will help you advertise the products or services in a more efficient way.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off for the first payment for all yearly plans with discount BF2023MS
Validity: 20 November 2023 – 30 November 2023
Deal link: MySignature Offer
Coupon: BF2023MS

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers a suite of tools and features, including email marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing automation, helpdesk, and more, to help businesses streamline their marketing and customer engagement efforts.

Black Friday Deal: 40% off on all first-time purchases across all plans
Validity: 14 November - 30 November 2023
Deal link: EngageBay Offer

SendBuzz Logo

SendBuzz is a multi-channel sales engagement platform for scalable and revenue-generating cold outreach campaigns.
Black Friday Deal: Up to 40% off on quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly plans.
Validity: 15th November - 30th November 2023
Deal link: SendBuzz Offer

LinkedFusion offers safe, cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools to help achieve sales goals.
Black Friday Deal: Discounts on various plans featuring LinkedIn automation for outreach and more.
Validity: 15th November - 30th November 2023
Deal link: LinkedFusion Offer

LeadConnect provides a suite of features for lead generation, sales prospecting, and outreach on LinkedIn.
Black Friday Deal: Get 25% off on all annual plans.
Validity: 15th November - 30th November 2023
Deal link:LeadConnect Offer

UberFox Logo

UberFox helps businesses fill their sales pipelines by running smart automated outreach campaigns on LinkedIn with advanced virtual assistant technology. Run your prospecting campaigns and improve your revenue with LinkedIn automation. UberFox integrates directly with your CRM for scalability.
Black Friday Deal: Get attractive discounts up to 40% off on quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans.
Validity: 15th November - 30th November 2023
Deal link: UberFox Offer

SmarterQueue is the most powerful and user-friendly social media scheduling tool. With content discovery, smart scheduling, recycling, and analytics, you can grow your business and brand faster and more easily than ever before.
Black Friday Deal: 30% off your first 6 months (when paid monthly) or 40% off your first year (when paid annually). Lite Plan starting at $3.50/profile.
Validity: 24th November - 27th November 2023
Deal link: SmarterQueue Offer


A no-code user onboarding platform that helps startups increase product adoption and reduce churn using interactive walkthroughs.
Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all plans for the next 12 months.
Validity: 10th November - 18th December 2023
Deal link: UserGuiding Offer

Mockplus - ProfsoUX 2020. St.Petersburg, Russia

Mockplus RP is a super-fast online prototyping tool that enables designers, developers, and teams to create designs of all levels in just minutes.
Black Friday Deal: Up to 60% OFF on all plans.
Validity: 1st November - 30th November 2023
Deal link: Mockplus Offer

WPLoyalty Logo

Supercharge your WooCommerce store with our Rewards Program. Build loyalty, keep customers happy, and grow your online business.
Black Friday Deal: Flat 30% Offer.
Validity: 1st November - 5th December 2023
Deal link: WPLoyalty Offer

CallPage is a lead capture tool that enables site visitors to request an instant callback or schedule a meeting in just a few seconds.
Black Friday Deal: Up to 40% discount.
Validity: 21st November - 27th November 2023
Deal link: CallPage Offer

VYPER allows you to create giveaways, contests, referral, and loyalty programs that encourage engagement with your brand.
Black Friday Deal: Get 50% Off VYPER.
Validity: 1st November - 30th November
Deal link: VYPER Offer

Vadoo.tv allows creators and brands to host videos and make marketing easy. It is a professional video hosting platform.
Black Friday Deal: Pro Plan yearly at 30% off, Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY30.
Validity: 5th November - 1st December 2023
Deal link: Vadoo.tv Offer

Mailtrap is an Email Delivery Platform for testing, sending, and controlling email infrastructure performance.
Black Friday Deal: Free Email Testing for 3 Months. Applicable for Team Plan.
Validity: 10th November 2023 - 10th November 2024
Deal link: Mailtrap Offer

Scrollsequence Logo

Scrollsequence allows you to create stunning image sequence animations with ease.
Black Friday Deal: 60% Off All Plans.
Validity: 9th November - 1st December
Deal link: Scrollsequence Offer

Cloudways hosting offers a managed cloud solution for high performance and scalability.
Black Friday Deal: 40% discount for 4 Months on all hosting plans + 40 free migrations.
Validity: 13th November - 1st December 2023
Deal link: Cloudways Offer

Document360 is an AI-powered knowledge base platform that creates a robust self-service knowledge base.
Black Friday Deal: Save up to 50% on all annual plans.
Validity: 6th November - 8th December 2023
Deal link: Document360 Offer

Apploye is a comprehensive employee monitoring and time tracking solution that empowers businesses to oversee their in-house, and remote teams' online activity from a unified dashboard.
Black Friday Deal: Apploye offers a remarkable 25% lifetime discount on both monthly and annual subscription plans.
Validity: 20th November - 30th November 2034
Deal link: Apploye Offer

GetGenie AI is the most advanced WordPress AI tool for SEO-optimized content & copywriting. It has 30+ ready-made templates and amazing use cases like SEO Keyword Analysis, SERP Competitor Analysis, On Page Optimization, Meta Description, Content Scoring, Blog Outline Creator, Blog Title Writer, Blog Article Assistant, Product Descriptions, Sales Copywriter, and many more.
Black Friday Deal: Enjoy up to 40% discount on GetGenie AI this Black Friday and increase your efficiency in writing SEO-optimized content on your WordPress website.
Validity: 22nd November - 5th December 2023
Deal link: GetGenie AI Offer

Convertmybankstatement is a true game-changer in the financial management arena. Its user-friendly interface, precision, automation, and easy integration tools make it a vital asset for accounting firms converting PDF bank statements to Excel or CSV.
Black Friday Deal: 25% off on Both Monthly and Yearly Plans
Validity: 21st November to 30th November 2023
Deal link: Convert My Bank Statement Offer

Narrato is an AI content creation and marketing workspace that offers a wide array of AI and automation tools. These tools are designed to assist you in effortlessly producing high-quality content and collaborating with others. Narrato goes beyond being a typical AI content generation tool; it is a comprehensive AI content workspace. Here, you can leverage the power of AI and automation to generate ideas, create content, collaborate with others, and publish your work, all within a single platform. By utilizing Narrato, you can significantly accelerate the production of content, saving valuable time and resources.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off for your first year on Narrato Workspace
Coupon: BFCM23NRT
Validity: 19th Nov to 3rd Dec, 2023
Deal link: Narrato

Snov.io stands out as the go-to solution for small businesses seeking a comprehensive platform for cold email outreach and sales automation. Renowned for its versatility, Snov.io offers a free sales CRM alongside indispensable features like email finding and verification, email drip campaigns, email warm-up, and myriad of integrations, empowering businesses to streamline their outreach efforts.

Black Friday Deal: Get your 50% off any annual plan
Validity: 20th November - 1st December, 2023
Deal link: Snov.io

CTX Feed Pro is the ultimate WooCommerce product feed manager plugin, simplifying the creation and management of WooCommerce product feeds for 130+ marketing channels.
Black Friday Deal: 40% off.
Validity: 10th November - 5th December, 2023.
Deal link: WebAppick Offer

ContentStudio is a social media management platform that helps businesses save time and manage their social media presence more effectively.
Black Friday Deal: 67% Off Agency Max Plan | 30% Off All Regular Plans.
Validity: Black Friday 2023
Deal link: ContentStudio Offer

Simvoly Logo

Simvoly is an all-in-one platform to build your website, funnel, and e-commerce store to grow your business online.
Black Friday Deal: 20% off on all annual plans.
Validity: 24th November - 27th November.
Deal link: Simvoly Offer


SalesBlink is an AI-powered cold email outreach solution.
Black Friday Deal: 50% off on Scale and Business Plans for next 1 year for both Yearly and Monthly Plans.
Validity: 1st November - 31st December 2023.
Deal link: SalesBlink Offer

Cheqmark, an ultimate free checklist maker tool, has been designed to elevate daily routines and revolutionize your approach to productivity.
Black Friday Deal: 40% off on a yearly plan.
Validity: 10th November - 5th December 2023.
Deal link: Cheqmark Offer

Turbologo is an AI online logo generator.
Black Friday Deal: 20% discount on Standard and Business packages.
Coupon: BF2023
Validity: 22nd November - 26th November 2023.
Deal link: Turbologo Offer

Explore an advanced proxy solution for seamless web scraping and data extraction.
Black Friday Deal: 20% off for a "lifetime" on Smart Proxy.
Coupon: FRIDAYSP20
Validity: 20th November until 20th December, 2023.
Deal link: Crawlbase Smart Proxy Offer

Beagle Security is an automated AI penetration testing platform (DAST) that helps identify vulnerabilities in web applications.
Black Friday Deal: 30% off all annual plans for the 1st year.
Validity: 24th November to 27th November.
Deal link: Beagle Security Offer

Retable Logo

Retable Logo

Retable is a cloud-based all-in-one data management platform that combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the complexity of a database.
Black Friday Deal: 50% off for all plans.
Validity: 15th October - 31st December.
Deal link: Retable Offer

5centsCDN is a leading Content Delivery Network provider known for affordable and efficient content delivery solutions.
Black Friday Deal A: Get $300 Extra by adding $1000 to your wallet! Validity: 14th November - 1st December 2023.
Deal B: Get $100 Extra by adding $500 to your wallet! Validity: 14th November - 1st December 2023.
Validity: 17th November - 30th November.
Deal link: 5centsCDN Offer

Social Champ Logo

Social Champ is a powerful social media management tool for individuals and businesses.
Black Friday Deal: 40% OFF on monthly subscriptions and 50% OFF on annual subscriptions.
Validity: 17th Nov – 5th Dec 2023.
Deal link: Social Champ Offer

AdSpyder is a SAAS-based ad intelligence tool that provides analytical insights into your rival’s digital advertising strategy.
Black Friday Deal: 75% OFF on annual plans.
Validity: 15th November - 15th December 2023.
Deal link: Adspyder Offer

MotionOps is a simple software for service companies, streamlining job estimates, quotes, scheduling, invoicing, and payments.
Black Friday Deal: 80% off the monthly subscription.
Validity: 20th November - 10th December.
Deal link: MotionOps Offer

WP-CRM System is a game-changer CRM plugin for companies of all sizes, offering easy contact management within your WordPress dashboard.
Black Friday Deal: 30% OFF – for Plus, Enhanced, and Professional plans for the first year.
Validity: 20th November until 4th December 2023.
Deal link: WP-CRM Offer


CONTADU is a NLP-powered platform for efficient content planning, optimization, and easy content writing with AI.
Black Friday Deal: 40% off on all annual plans.
Validity: 20th November - 29th November 2023.
Deal link: CONTADU Offer

NeuronWriter Logo

NeuronWriter is a SaaS tool for content optimization with semantic SEO and AI writing.
Black Friday Deal: 40% off on all annual plans.
Validity: 20th November - 29th November 2023.
Deal link: NeuronWriter Offer

Dryrun Logo

Dryrun offers advanced cash flow forecasting software to visualize the future of your business.
Black Friday Deal: Use code BLACKFRIDAY30 for 30% off your first year.
Validity: 15th Nov - 15th Dec 2023.
Deal link: Dryrun Offer

DocuGenerate Logo

DocuGenerate provides a scalable platform for generating high-quality PDF documents.
Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF for the first 3 months.
Validity: 17th Nov to 30th Nov 2023.
Deal link: DocuGenerate Offer

Devrims offers managed cloud hosting for PHP web apps like WordPress, WooCommerce, or Magento.
Black Friday Deal: 60% OFF for 5 MONTHS.
Coupon: DEVRIMS60
Validity: 15-11-2023 - 30-11-2023.
Deal link: Devrims Offer

Weblium is a website builder for creating and editing websites and integrating with different payment systems and CRM.
Black Friday Deal: 30% off on the annual Pro plan.
Validity: 21st Nov - 30th Nov.
Deal link: Weblium Offer

SendFlock is an email warm-up and cold email automation software for SaaS companies.
Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF on the monthly plan.
Validity: 15th November – 15th December 2023.
Deal link: SendFlock Offer

RetargetKit is an all-in-one link management and lead generation toolbox for digital marketers.
Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all yearly plans.
Validity: 15th November – 15th December 2023.
Deal link: RetargetKit Offer


MailBluster is a complete email marketing software with a powerful drag & drop editor.
Black Friday Deal: Up to 30% OFF on your first sign-up.
Validity: 20th November – 5th December 2023.
Deal link: MailBluster Offer

LogicBalls Logo

LogicBalls is an AI-powered copywriting assistant with 150+ tools for content generation.

Black Friday Deal: 45% Discount on all annual plans.
Validity: November 1st – November 30th, 2023.
Deal link:LogicBalls Offer

SubtitleBee Logo

SubtitleBee offers advanced video subtitling solutions, harmonizing precision and speed for various sectors.

Black Friday Deal: 10% off on all Subtitlebee packages.
Validity: November 20th to December 20th, 2023.
Deal link:SubtitleBee Offer

Which Is Your SaaS Favorite Black Friday 2023 Deal? (Conclusion)

(To register your SaaS deal for Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2023 click HERE

There you go, people! You have explored some of the best SaaS Black Friday deals this holiday season. All these deals are exceptional and can benefit your business in the long run. 

However, if you want a deal that can improve your customer experience, engagement, and retention, leverage Consolto Black Friday mega discount. 

We offer a whopping 50% off on all yearly plans. That means you can get our premium plan for only $5 per month (conditions applied) this holiday season. 

You can use all the premium services to convert more customers during epic holiday seasons like Christmas. This tool can help you manage your entire online business and improve the customer experience from one dashboard. 

Excited? Then, book a free demo call with our team before this Black Friday deal expires to get an all-around video conferencing solution. 

(To register your SaaS deal for Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2023 click HERE

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