December 29, 2020

Welcome Website Visitors with Custom Welcome Messages

When it comes to selling online, there’s nothing more important than giving your website visitors, users and potential buyers a positive user experience (UX). While there are countless factors that can potentially impact the user experience -- from website functionality and navigation flow to customer support responsiveness and beyond -- one powerful way to improve the UX you provide is through welcome messages. 

Welcome messages are small popups or notifications that your traffic sees as soon as they arrive on any of your website pages. These messages are often one of the first elements that your visitors see, so at their very least they set the tone for the experience that your visitors will receive.

But, if done correctly they can do much, much more. 

Consolto and Welcome Messages

Consolto’s leading live video chat platform was built from the ground up to help businesses like yours to simplify, organize and enhance your customer interactions on the website. With that goal in mind, Consolto’s video chat widget -- which you can add to any page of your website using one simple line of code -- lets you customize the welcome message that your visitors will see on it. 

At Consolto we understand that welcome messages can actually be highly strategic tools that help you reach your KPIs. You can use welcome messages to increase your conversion rates, guide users to take specific actions, grow your social following and much more. 

We’ve scoured our data, to find the more effective welcome messages used by our customers. You can use this info to customize your own welcome messages in your Consolto widget or as inspiration to craft your very own ones. Regardless of the path you choose to take with your welcome messages on your live chat widget, you should take the time to think about how you want your potential customers to perceive you. Your welcome message goes a long way in shaping this perception.

  1. Craft a service-oriented perception about your brand. Welcome, how can I help you?” Simple, but good, no matter the goal of your video chat service, some old fashioned courtesy can go a long way. This type of welcome message -- which you can spin numerous ways -- positions you as a solid service provider, focused on responsiveness and customer service. If someone was hesitant to reach out by video chat before seeing this message, they’ll be sure to click their way into direct interaction once they see it.
  2. Generate leads and show availability. “Sorry, we’re not available right now. Please schedule a meeting with us for a later time.” Informative and helpful this message is great if you have traffic at all times of the day and night and can’t always ensure that there’s someone manning your video chat on the website. This sort of welcome message not only allays the frustration of not being able to interact with you, it also gives a helpful tip that steers your potential customers towards their desired action. Not to mention, it’s an awesome way to generate sales meetings without having to lift a finger!
  3. Priming and call to actions. “ACME Revenue Experts Ltd. is proud to have helped more than 100 businesses increase their revenue in the last year. Start video chatting with one of our reps to learn how we can do the same for you.” People get excited about numbers, that’s just the way we tick. Maybe it’s something evolutional? 

Regardless of why, your potential customers will react positively when they see any sort of sales proof that positions you as an expert in your field. It doesn’t have to be a huge number, but it does have to be  a number you can back up. This simple message not only offers proof of your expertise, it also spurs the readers towards clicking on the video chat button and kicking off an interaction! By using the combination of sales proof and call to actions, you are priming the potential customer to see your rep as an expert. This means that you’ve already done half the sell, before your rep even starts talking!

  1. Highlight different features. “Advanced scheduling makes it easy for your potential customers to set up meetings with you, at any time of the day. Talk to one of our reps to learn more now!”  Welcome messages are a great way to reinforce the value propositions of your product right before your potential customers begin engaging with you on live chat. If your website has different products on different pages, you can set up a Consolto widget on each page with the message adjusted to highlight the product or feature showcased on that page. This is a great way to double down on the main benefits of your products right before your potential customers are about to interact with one of your sales reps.
  2. Identify your customers. “Hey There! We’d like to get to know you better before we start talking. Please fill in the following info and we can start chatting.”  It’s always good to have a bit of intelligence about your potential customers before you start interacting. By asking this innocent question, you can get important data like email and company name so that you can continue the discussion if time runs out or add them to your email list (with their consent, of course). This goes double if your products are only suitable for adults. 

Consolto’s advanced video chat solution offers you the perfect way to welcome your visitors into your website. You can set up separate messages for each page of your website (as long as you’ve installed Consolto on each page of course), and refer them to Consolto’s built-in scheduling feature if you’re not available to welcome them yourself when they’re on your website. 

Our advanced live chat and video chat platform is focused on helping you provide an outstanding customer experience that mimics and even surpasses the offline one. Welcome messages help you do just that by setting the stage for the entire interaction.

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