July 17, 2022

Benefits of Delivering Personalized services through the customer journey

What are Personalised Services?


Personalization refers to offering experiences tailored to customer needs and preferences. Customers feel more valued when they receive personalized services. Addressing clients by first name to creating offers that cater to their interests. This in turn increases brand loyalty.

 Delivering personalized experiences is no longer a "nice to have" in today's world. The competition is fierce and so has the rule. Documenting customer interactions and data is critical to ensure personalized services. This has emerged as the new brand differentiator.

 According to the Fourth Annual customer expectations report. Key findings from the report include:

 84% of consumers spend more money on brands that deliver individualized services.

 About 79% of customers believe, they value personalized service more than personalized marketing.

 51% of consumers will change brands, after one or two negative experiences.

 86 percent of customers want agent conversations to be smooth flowing between channels.

 Statistics say that 77% of respondents will suggest the brand to friends and family. Many would advocate on social media for the brand that offers personalized service.

 According to Retail touch points. 50% of consumers are willing to share information in exchange for discounts. Information in the form of product liking and location.


What are the benefits of personalized services?

 Provide personalized service that actually benefits the client. Your strategy should be to offer individualized customer service. Your customers should find value in the offers and messages you deliver them.

 Let's take a look at some of the benefits of personalized solutions!


Quicker and more practical services:

 With the invention of data analytics, it is easier to track customer preferences. Access to Account histories, transactions, returns, and interactions across the channel.

 With data, the customer support team will be able to respond to queries and solve problems faster.

 Meet Customer expectations:

 The pandemic gave rise to a "new generation of users". Commented the CMO of Walgreens Boots Alliance in Adweek. They go online for everyday requirements and expect top-notch services.

 Customers are now demanding personalized e-commerce experiences. According to customer experience trends reports, companies are emphasizing data personalization.

 Furthermore, consumers prefer to make purchases from businesses that offer quick online transactions.

 Drives loyalty:

 According to a Wunderman study, there is a link between personalization and loyalty.

 56% of consumers are loyal to companies that respect their preferences and priorities. Lack of personalization may even hamper your client loyalty programs.

 Customers demand tailored interactions with the brands they select. Loyalty marketers need to comprehend to make the benefits they provide more pertinent. Brands must take into account two factors. How to reward and determine which customer gets the reward.

Why do you need to provide personalized services?

A successful marketing plan is to give clients personalized interactions. More than 8 out of 10 customers feel that the brands can earn trust by the way they treat them. Thus personalized customer service is vital.

 Personalization can benefit businesses on many levels:

 Better Customer Experience:

 Customized service can increase client satisfaction and appreciation of the experience. Businesses may maintain track of consumer information via personalization.

 The support team can check with their clients their preferences and interest. Businesses can even use Analytical tools to filter out customer options.

 This kind of personalized service aids in the resolution of problems. As the agent is familiar with the customer approach.

 Improved Customer Retention: ​​

 Customer retention is a parameter for measuring customer loyalty. This metric can reflect or predict customer satisfaction, repurchase behavior, and customer engagement.



The cost to get new clients is costlier than it does to keep existing ones, customer retention is crucial. Consumers can become brand advocates. Offer services that are unique and tailored to their needs. Additionally, this will increase consumer loyalty to your brand and word-of-mouth marketing.

 Gives you an Advantage in the market:

 A company differentiates itself from its rival by providing clients with tailored services. There is intense competition among businesses that provide comparable goods and services.

 Every firm requires a characteristic that sets it apart from the competition. Offering customers bespoke solutions can provide you with a competitive edge.

 Live chat, messaging, Click N Talk & emails are examples of customer-centric techniques. This can provide organizations an advantage over their competitors.

 High Conversion rate:

 Personalized services can win over, even those customers who are hesitant. Personalized offers can lead to high conversion rates for customers who are browsing.

 Lead Generation:

 Providing personalized customer service is another way to gain an advantage over rivals. Most companies still operate under outdated regulations.

How do you provide personalized services?

 You don't want to be the brand that overdoes customization.

 The "creepy" sense of dealing with businesses that seem to know too much about them is not appreciated. So, how do you balance and provide individualized client services to customers?

 There are two key points to remember:

  1. Use data to offer individualized service:

Data is an effective personalization tool. Use it with the utmost privacy of customers. Technology and human factors should coexist in personalization. Depending on data without understanding the context, may result in humiliating errors. 

 Marketers understand that they already have the data, to personalize client services. With each passing minute, more data is being added to transactional & behavioral channels.

 Using data to deliver services requires a magical ability to foresee clients' demands.

 Consolto’s All in one solution has rich features. Here, you can create personalized experiences for visitors.

 For Example:

  • Visitors get greeted when they land on your website.
  • Video chat with customers directly from the website
  • Save the recording and access them via the cloud.
  • Track customer interactions and business metrics.

Other Advanced Features offered by Consolto are:

  • Website Plugin
  • File Transfer
  • Webhook Integrations
  • Multiagent Plugin
  • Rich Communication Center
  • White Label
  • Customized buttons
  • Customizable styling and many more….

As you build more personalized customer experiences, aim for usefulness. Be transparent with customers about the purpose of collecting their data.

  1. Deliver a multichannel support experience with rich context:

Customers need support from brands across a variety of channels. Personalization technologies can assist deliver greater and seamless service across channels. Businesses are adopting Omnichannel customer service to fulfill this need.

Imagine, for instance. A customer contacts you by email but later switches to a chat window for faster help. By embedding Personalization software in your website. Customer support will be aware of the consumer's attempt to contact the business.


6 Ways to provide Personalized services:


Maintaining market competitiveness now depends on providing personalized customer service. 97 percent of marketers have reported a quantifiable boost to businesses. A personalized engagement strategy is the key to business outcomes.

Your company needs to understand how to provide a tailored customer experience. Achieve exceptional outcomes by raising revenue, conversions, and client retention.

  • Hyper-personalized experience on your website:

A key component of the hyper-personalized experience is a thorough understanding of customer behavior. The company must make an investment in technology software to access critical client information. Personalized Software such as Consolto can provide such an experience.

Brands can make use of real-time data to provide clients with hyper-customization strategies. Customers can communicate with businesses using chatbots, video chat, co-browsing, or live chat.

Deliver products, content, and services that are relevant to the customer through hyper-personalization. 

With Consolto, businesses can provide individualized customer support by using Live video chat. Utilizing demographic information is a great way to target specific group of clients.

  • Serve the Customers better:

Technology can get more challenging to use especially for older generations. There is a solution for that as well in Consolto's CRM Video-chat software. Consolto offers a virtual customer experience that feels personal.

It is an easy-to-use solution that is practical and effective for the elderly. The mobile app of Consolto is simple from installation to use.

  • Content Personalization:

Your personalization strategy has to be unique to its customer. It can be ineffective if your website displays the same material to all visitors.

 The current trend in content marketing is content personalization. With this, you can present each visitor with distinct information and calls to action.

 Marketers can consider using the client information at their disposal. Include demographic and geographic data, to enhance and tailor the content strategy.

  • Messaging Apps:

 More firms have adopted messaging than any other medium due to its rapid growth.

 Over 40% of businesses, that established a new channel in 2021 did so in the messaging space. Applications like WhatsApp, SMS, and FB messenger is the preferred channel for texting.

 Customers prefer messaging apps to get a quicker response. Since it is a more casual conversational format. Businesses can deliver personalized client context with messaging apps.

 With Consolto, you can create a central hub where agents may access all conversations. Agents can answer to consumers from a single location via chat, email, phone, and social media.

 For Example:

 When a consumer attempts to return goods, you can track the following details:

 Contact details of customer

 Customers' previous interaction with the agents.

 Account type of the customer.

  • Leverage the power of the 3Dimensional approach:

Improve your business profile with Consolto.

Businesses can use 3D visualization tools. A brand new feature of Consolto, where you can change the Products to meet specific needs. Present your products in an amazing 3D sense during video conferences and live chats.

  • Customer Feedback & Reviews:

The reviews and feedback are critical in Consumer decision-making. Create a personalized experience by showcasing reviews from like-minded customers.

Since customers can't see the products before they buy. Incorrect color, size, or fit is common with online shopping. Give customers a deeper insight and personalization of the products they’re about to buy.



This may result in more favorable comments and reviews of your goods.

Customers appreciate the implementation of feedback.

Customers remain loyal to a company that considers their suggestions. Additionally, feedback information can be particularly useful in personalizing customer services.

How Personalised services drive effective loyalty Programs?

Thank you for being a loyal customer, here is a discount of 15%. This is the first thing that springs to mind when we discuss loyalty programs. But is that enough?

Despite an increase in participation in customer loyalty programs. There has been a sharp decline in the number of customers who are part of such programs.

According to recent research of 28,000 consumers. An average person participates in more than 14 customer loyalty programs. However, is part of roughly 50% of them. It turns out that there is a mismatch which is a cause of concern. 

Personalize loyalty programs by:

  • Create unique loyalty program concepts with your company, industry, and target market.
  • Provide clients with a variety of options to accumulate, share, and use reward points.
  • Reward customers not always for purchase. But for leaving a review, referring a friend, taking part in an event, subscribing to a newsletter, etc...
  • Ask your clients what they would want to get in exchange for joining your loyalty program. You can further personalize loyalty benefits.

A great example of a Personalised loyalty program is MAC products. Customers can personalize rewards based on their skin tone.

Create a dedicated dashboard where they can track their progress of reward points.

  • Establish tiers and provide bigger rewards to customers who have contributed more value. By adding levels to your loyalty program, you are making it more appealing to potential users in long run.

In this way, you may create tier-specific rewarding criteria. This also helps in differentiating different levels of brand affection.

These are but a few suggestions for enhancing your loyalty programs' customization. Customer loyalty software and a suitable technology stack are the foundations for personalization

Customers Want Personalised Services…With That….

Let's Summarize: if you want to stand out, you must be distinctive. Offering personalized services is the only method to please your customers' desires. It can be a win-win situation for you and the customer by adding personalization to your services.

Are you looking for guidance on how to add customizable products to your website?

Our product personalization platform can be embedded with any website. Everything from 3D online product personalization, to Webhook Integrations. Consolto is here to help!

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