November 24, 2022

How to Find the Best Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Business Organizations?

Running a small business takes work in this digital age. Today, your small business is competing with large companies neck-to-neck thanks to the Internet. 

As a result, you must adopt an innovative approach to gain a competitive edge over big sharks. Video conferencing solutions for small business owners is an innovative tool. 

Video conferencing enables small businesses to provide a personalized experience to their customers. They can offer instant support and nurture leads in real time with it. 

With a live chat feature on your website, you can set your brand apart from your competitors. Small businesses can leverage video conferencing software to grow in many ways—from improving customer experience to building relationships.

Before everything, you must get the best video conferencing for your small team with the right features and functions. 

Let’s walk through this post to find the best video conferencing solutions for small business organizations.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Video Conferencing Software?

This digital landscape has made it easy to launch your business with a simple website. But the real tussle starts afterward. 


Alt text: video conferencing with your remote team

Getting traffic on your site, moving leads to the pipeline, building experience—there is so much work. 

And that is where most small businesses struggle. They don’t have sufficient resources to manage all business operations while building relationships with potential customers. 

Here, enter video conferencing software to change the game. This software can help small businesses generate leads and convert them into paying customers. 

Small teams can use video conferencing software in the following ways:

Build a unique brand identity 

There was a time when only a handful of small businesses took their operations online. But now, 70% of small businesses are online with a dedicated website. 

As a result, competition on search engines has spiked a lot. It is difficult to take your business website to the first page with a mediocre approach. You can only take your website to the top if you offer informative and innovative content to your users. 

Video conferencing software can help small teams to gain a competitive edge. They can offer instant video call support to their customers. They can build a customer-centric brand image. 

Moreover, small teams can establish personal connections with their customers. As a result, they can offer customized products and services based on their targeted customers' problems.


Small businesses always need help with funds. As a result, they have limited resources to run their day-to-day operations and promote their services. 

Thus, they need a way to reduce their business expenses. Video conferencing software can help with cost-cutting. 

This software can remove the need to travel for client meetings. Small team managers can conduct virtual meetings with clients. It can save them travel fares, hotel costs, etc. 

Plus, it can save team members time, which they can use on other operations. 

For example, when agents no longer spend all day traveling to meet clients, they can get time to create new strategies. As a result, they can get free time to improve their skills, develop new sales strategies, and more.

Boost your business reach

Do you want to expand your business? Then, video conferencing software lets you present in two locations simultaneously. So, for example, you can meet a client in Dubai and California simultaneously. 

It enables you to target global customers and sell more. Besides this, virtual calls help to explain your solutions better. 

You can use screen sharing to walk your potential customers through your products. You can also use contact forms and media share support to provide relevant information to prospects. 

Faster outreach

Small businesses use video calls to communicate faster with customers. There's no need to gather all key players in one place to show a demo of the latest product design. 

Unlike a phone conference, sharing your screen can visually impact quotas, deadlines, or strategic changes. Furthermore, you have more control over ensuring that all participants understand your message.

Build relationships

A loyal customer base is the sharpest weapon for small businesses to grow. It helps them grow despite all the odd conditions. 

Solid relationships are key to loyal customers. Small teams can build personal and trustworthy relationships with prospects to convert them into loyal customers. For that purpose, video conferencing software is an excellent option. 

It can help businesses to communicate with clients in real-time. They can learn more about their potential customers and customize solutions for them.

Video calls also help to build an emotional connection with customers. Face-to-face communication allows agents to use facial expressions and gestures to communicate their message better. Unlike phone or email conversations, video calls hold better personal connections.

Features Small Businesses Must Look for in Video Conferencing Software

Are you looking for the best video conferencing software for your small team? In that case, ensure to look for specific features in your software to support your small business needs, such as:

HD video quality 

Productive meetings involve crystal clarity so that participants feel like they are in the same room. No matter how far apart they are in reality. 

HD video conferencing provides a more realistic experience, which is important for building relationships. 

It is also essential for client-facing video meetings like sales pitches and webinars. You always want people to have a positive impression of your brand after a meeting, which poor video quality can impact. 

Thus, always get video calling software with fantastic video quality. 

Multiple communication modes

A good video conferencing software supports communication modes like audio and text messages. It enables customers to interact with your brand using their preferred communication mode. It improves customer experience and engagement. 

Screen sharing 

Screen sharing allows you to show others your screen. It is helpful to share what you are doing on your computer to assist others in understanding what they should do in the same manner. 

This feature can help display an online tutorial, give instructions on completing a task, or present new information.

Mobile responsiveness 


Alt text: video conferencing app

Always get a video conferencing application with mobile support. That means the application must work with all major operating systems and browsers. 

It must also support various screen sizes, resolutions, and codecs. The user interfaces need to work with touch-screen devices.

Meeting recordings 

You can use the recording and playback feature to record the video call in case of disagreements. It can help with training, compliance, quality assurance, and legal purposes. 

Third-party integration 

Integration with third-party apps is a must. You can better streamline your operations when your video conferencing software is integrated with other business solutions. As a result, it improves your efficiency and reduces your workload.

Appointment schedule


Alt text: appointment scheduling

Ensures that video conferencing software has dual appointment scheduling features. It can help your team and customers to schedule video call appointments. 

Your team must have appointment control in their hands. It lets them reschedule and manage their appointments based on their availability.

5 Steps to Find the Best Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Business Organizations

The video conferencing market is huge today. It was $7.71 billion in 2022, expected to reach $19.73 billion in 2030. 

While selecting the best video conferencing solutions for small business organizations, you might need clarification in this hefty market. This is because so many different tools with unique features are available in the market. 

But, finding the best tool suitable for your business needs is a trick. 

Here are some easy steps that you can follow to find the best video conferencing for your small company:


Alt text: small business team 

Step 1. Define your business needs 

Foremost, you must define why you want video conferencing software. Next, you need to clarify what you want to achieve with this software. 

For instance, do you want to improve customer experience? Do you want to gain a competitive edge? 

Once you have clear requirements, you can better select the right tool for your business. So, you must align your team and discuss reasons for using this software. 

Step 2. Align it with your business goals

Next, you must align your business goals with video conferencing software. You must create a roadmap to integrate your business objectives with a video conferencing platform. 

It can give you a visual presentation on achieving your business goals with video conferencing. For example, suppose your business goal is to generate more leads. In that case, you can use video conferencing software to connect with potential customers. 

Step 3. Do market research 

As mentioned, video conferencing is a huge software market space. There are many leading brands working to improve virtual communication levels. 

It is essential to do proper market research before selecting a video conferencing platform for your business. 

You have a couple of options for market research on video conferencing software. You can use a classic approach and call your friends or business associates to know which video conferencing platform is trending in the market. 

Besides this, you can also use online methods to do market research. For example, you can read reviews and testimonials about reading software manufacturers. 

You can also use third-party review sites like G2 and Capterra. Social media is also great for learning more about software and its features. 

You can explore customer comments or direct message them to learn about their experiences. 

Step 4. Compare prices

You must have a couple of shortlisted video conferencing software at this stage. So, you can compare their pricing plans to know which software fits your budget limit. 

This activity can remove all the software that is beyond your budget limits. It is important to define your video conferencing software budget in the beginning. 

But don’t keep your budget too rigid. Sometimes you get a better solution if you expand your budget a bit. So, leave room for wiggle in your budget to get the best video conferencing solution. 

Step 5. Customer support 

Once you find the video conferencing software under your budget, the final step is to connect with its vendor. After that, you must use video calls or regular calls to communicate with the software developer. 

If you have any questions regarding the software, you must clarify them with the developer. You must know how they plan to provide customer support in case of a problem. 

It is important to buy your software from a team offering instant support. In general, video conferencing software is easy to use. But, technical issues can impact any software. 

So, ensure that your software developer can help you quickly when such a situation arises. 

Which Is the Best Video Conferencing for Small Business Organizations?

If you want to cut all the chase and get the best video conferencing for small business organizations quickly, get Consolto now. 


Alt text: consolto screenshot 

We have developed perfect video conferencing software for small teams. You can embed our video chat plug-in into your business website, allowing your customers to communicate with your sales agents anytime. 

Our software has a simple interface that can integrate with all the leading business solutions. Besides, we have all the crucial features to expand your business reach, such as:

  • Dual appointment scheduling system. 
  • Instant payment transfer with integrated payment gateways like PayPal. 
  • Analytical dashboard to monitor your sales team's performance.
  • ClickNTalk page for quick interaction without the website. 
  • Screen sharing and 3-D senses to explain features and give demos, etc.

Parting Note

Video conferencing is the ultimate solution for small businesses to grow. It is a cost-effective and responsive solution to connect with customers. 

It helps to provide excellent customer support and experience. You can remove all physical barriers with video calling and build strong relationships with your customers. 

On the top, Consolto has made video conferencing more impactful. We have packed all the essential business management features into one platform. 

You can book appointments, receive payments, and do much more with our software. You only have to spend $8.2 per month on this amazing business toolkit. Moreover, there is a seven-day free trial available. 

So, to kickstart your small business, get in touch with our team today!

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